Monday, September 26, 2016

Pre-Release Sneak Peek #1 At Motley Education

Can you believe Motley Education releases in fifteen days? No, I can't either. But to quell a bit of my own excitement - I hope it helps yours, too - I'm releasing a teaser here and there over the next two weeks.  

As promised, here's your first sneak peek into the world of Motley Education. 
And who better to greet you than the driving force for the story? 

Meet Ebony 'Jade' Charmed:

I'd tell you about her, but she's insisted on sharing the deets about herself her way. Nothing like a know-it-all tween, eh? So I'll let the back of her trading card speak her words: 

There you have it! STAY TUNED next week, when I share sneak peek #2 with you. 

Want to be part of MMGM ~ Shannon Messenger's genius plan to give middle grade reads their just due? Click HERE to join in and for the other participants.

What do you think of Ebony? (Be care what you say because she can find you ... even once you're a ghost.) 

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Cover Reveal for Time & Circumstance by Theresa Milstein

Writers need other writers, for guidance and advice and support. Early on in our writerhood we come to know that. And through all the chats, sharing of work, joys, and frustrations, relationships bloom. The elation close writers have for their writer pals' success can't (ironically) be expressed in words. That's why social media feeds are flooded with Happy Book Birthdays or XYZ is out nows! We support like no other group. There's an unwritten rule that we all just get.

We've all been in the trenches. We've all failed. And eventually, we all reach levels of success and growth. So there is nothing more satisfying than cheering on a close writing friend when he or she reaches a milestone. I'm thrilled to support one of my CPs, readers, and dearly talented friends today. Her expression of life through the rhythm of poetry is moving and poignant. Take a peek at her gorgeous cover: 

Vine Leaves Press
Time and Circumstance
by Theresa Milstein

Publication date: March, 2017

“The trunk of this family is lost to history / Photo fragments remain as shadows”

With subtle wit, and poignant imagery, the unrelenting passage of time connects the  vignettes in Theresa Milstein’s Time and Circumstance. This reflective collection of real and imagined poetry and prose, speculates on an erratic childhood, the uncertainty of adolescence, and the reality of parenthood, through flashbacks of love lost and found.

“This everyday, why again, sometimes / ignored tune has measured time in notes, / seconds, minutes, days, years, and so it goes. / It’s a measure of the man he will become.”

Time and Circumstance

Theresa's prose touches beauty, fluently and deeply. There's a rhythm to her style that makes you forget your reading. Instead, you find yourself examining what those words mean to your life. And to your soul. So if you'd like a break from your regular reads, take a gander over to read her work. You won't be sorry. 

Note: EEK! Motley Education releases in fifteen days! I'm not freaking out or anything.... STAY TUNED later this week when I reveal a sneak peek into my main character. I can't wait for you to meet Ebony Charmed!
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